Advanced Open Water Diver

Intended for OWD certified divers who want to improve their practical and theoretical knowledge, the course consists of 5 specialties:

  1. Search and Recovery
    Deepens the use of the underwater compass, the goal is to be able to find and retrieve an object, or a person, underwater, with the use of an inflatable lifting balloon.
  2. Deep Dive
    Explore additional dive sites, up to 30 m (100 ft), and experience new marine life at another dimension.
  3. Cave Dive
    The predominantly rocky natural environment of Taormina is full of caves, we are lucky enough to be able to offer you this specialty. You will learn all that is necessary for a successful cave dive.
  4. Night Dive
    Come and discover the nocturnal marine fauna and flora, where you can observe an environment different from the daytime one. This course includes specific techniques and equipment for night diving.
  5. Peak Performance Buoyancy
    Learning to perfect your buoyancy, you will dramatically improve your comfort level, air consumption, and Leave-No-Trace diving skills.

Duration: 2 / 5 days

Rescue Diver
Open Water Diver

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