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PADI, Professional Associazione of Diving Instructor, is the most widely recognized worldwide, It is logical that almost all of the internships and training that we propose are framed and validated by PADI instructors,NASE courses can be issued on request.

Discover Scuba Diving:

Total time: 1 hour

Duration 1 hour
Includes 20 minutes of instruction on the basic rules, technique, and equipment of scuba diving, followed by 30 minutes of ocean diving. This course allows any person from 10 to 80 years old to take their first breaths under water.
With the only dive center located in the heart of the natural reserve, you will have your first diving experience in this magical setting, without having to take a boat.


Padi Scuba Diver:

Duration: 3/4 days

It is a program created exclusively for those who do not have time but still want to achieve a patent valid throughout the world, which can dive accompanied by an expert guide. Minimum age 10 years.

In just 3/4 days you can win this patent that will allow you to dive to a depth of 12 meters, always followed by a professional that you’ll find at any PADI diving centers around the world.
The course consists of theoretical sessions and 3 by 3 confined water dives (low water and bounded) and 2 dives in open water.


Open Water Diver

Duration: 3 /5 days

Includes five open water dives, five video lessons (in English), four quizzes, and one final exam. The open water diver course covers all of the skills and knowledge necessary for Scuba Diving, in theory and practice.
At the course’s conclusion, you will obtain an open water diving certification, allowing you to dive to a depth of 18 m (60 ft) for a lifetime.



Advanced Open Water Diver

Duration: 2 / 5 days

For the diver who wants expand their under water experience.
The course introduces five different diving specialities:

  1. Search and Recovery
    Using an underwater compass and inflatable devices, you will learn to locate and recover an object or person.
  2. Deep Dive
    Explore additional dive sites, up to 30 m (100 ft), and experience new marine life at another dimension.
  3. Cave Dive
    Nike dive sites offer numerous underwater caves and passages, many of them filled with coral and marine-life. You will learn the skills and techniques of cave diving, while visiting the reserve’s inhabitants in their homes.
  4. Night Dive
    Many species in the Isola Bella natural reserve can only be seen by night. This is when fish come out to hunt, and many species of coral and invertebrates change their shapes. Navigating by torchlight and moonlight, you will see a completely different underwater environment.
  5. Peak Performance Buoyancy
    Learning to perfect your buoyancy, you will dramatically improve your comfort level, air consumption, and Leave-No-Trace diving skills.


Rescue Diver

Duration:  5 / 10 days

Learn all techniques of diver rescue, both underwater and on the surface.
Course content includes recovering divers in panic, conscious and unconscious rescue, diagnosing diving-related afflictions, and applying the corresponding treatments.


Dive master

Duration:  10 / 30 days

Become an underwater guide, capable of leading your own diving groups, for pleasure or professionally. Learn to anticipate all diving situations, prepare your group for diving, plan a diving program, design underwater maps, and assist the instructors with their classes.


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