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Flexible and adapted formulas allow you to discover a list of nautical and terrestrial activities.
Our Center offers you various supports and places to multiply your experiences
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In a spirit of sport-recreation and hiking, discover the beauty of the Isola Bella nature reserve. The excursions will allow you to explore natural sites (nature reserve) protected from the prevailing winds and currents. Isola Bella Bay offers exceptional and optimal conditions for escaping on the water. Discover safely the beauty and richness of the natural heritage such as the Blue Cave and take time to relax in the small bays around Isola Bella … ideal sites for beginners and experts. The equipment is available in our Nike diving center located on the beach of Isola Bella (see the map in the section ” where we are “) .A cloakroom and key lockers will be available for your personal effects.



The Stand Up Paddle is accessible to all, whether you are a sportsman or not, whether you are a beginner or a confirmed allows you to discover the joys of the oar in a magnificent natural environment. From the diving centre , discover the diversity of fauna and flora in Isola Bella Bay and the Blue Cave. Rowing standing on a board, combining the feeling of gliding and the discovery of the environment. Very stable, the boards will allow you to slide on the calm waters of Isola Bella Bay. A cloakroom and key lockers will be available for your personal effects


Let yourself be tempted by the snorkeling… you will be rocked by the water, the current of the waves, enjoy the seabed of the Taormina coast and all the benefits of this activity. Accessible to everyone and safe. Ideal with family, friends or group. Departure by boat, this activity is accompanied by a guide you will discover the richness and beauty of the landscapes, such as: the natural reserve of isola bella, the Blue Cave and the cape of Taormina, the place where it was filmed in 1988 in the film “the Big Blue” . The film has also helped raise awareness of this magical place before it became a tourist place.



Taormina, the most beautiful coasts of Sicily, full of caves, bays, fauna and flora. The stop at Isola Bella will allow you to relax and visit unique places in all relaxation, rich in emotions and history. The boat trip takes place along the coast of Giardini Naxos and accompanied by an aperitif and fruit and swim safely.


During your holidays, we offer you a wide range of motor boats that will allow you to go to exceptional places in order to enjoy the sun bathing in all tranquility or the joys of swimming in places accessible Only by the sea.


Your experience will be divided into two parts.

Trekking in the river – You will go up the river by alternating different techniques of sports progression such as trekking, basic concepts of climbing and swimming.

Body Rafting – You’ll be swept away by the current, dipping into pools of emerald-green water slipping through the cold waters of the Alcantara River amid spectacular lava columns.


Unique and exclusive experiences that will put you in contact with the most authentic part of the volcano.

Steering away from touristy destinations, you will see the Etna through the eyes of those who were born there and love the land from which they come.

Gianfranco, our guide, was born and raised in a little town on the Etna and will lead you through paths that he himself would explore ever since he was a kid riding his bike. He will to tell you with passion all about the history, the places and the people of the volcano, its unique and unparalleled environment, made up of sounds, scents and colors.

It won’t be just a guided tour, but a day spent together that will gift you with an unforgettable memory of your trip to Sicily, a memory made through knowledge and passion.

Etna is wealth to be cherished, a story to be narrated an experience to be shared.

Our tours in the lunar environments of the lava wastelands, you will be able to experience a unique moment surrounded by an unspoiled nature :

Grand Tour Etna

Grand Etna + wine

Grand Tour Etna + Alcantara

Diving and snorkeling tours

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